October 14, 2009

Time Investment is a Pulsating Blob in the Corner

From my first memories I was into drawing, painting and doing whatever I could get my hands on creatively. Crayons, pencils, stamps, stickers, beads, sewing, construction paper collage, mobiles... you name it, I made a creative nest of it, hung it on my wall or gave to my family. A few of my favorite books to get from the local library were Ed Emberly's how to draw books, a book on making structures both large and small out of cardboard boxes , rainy day projects, how to draw animals and creative designs for bulletin boards. I remember checking out tons of books on crafts to make with wax paper, pipe cleaners, foil and paper mache. If it involved making things, I would get in to it.

I do the same thing now that I am older (body years, not mind years I guess), only I have considerably less time to experiment. It's experimentation that is essential if you are going to pick up something new. I don't know if this happens to other creative types but I will get a book or a material that I know will take a little chunk of time to figure out. Then when I don't have the proper time to invest in doing that, the project gathers dust. Sure, I may play around with thinking about the project but I feel quite resistant to actually starting it if I don't have that crucial block of time.

At the moment I have a new digital camera that begs time investment to make proper use of it, an over-lock machine that dauntingly needs the manual read and to be re-threaded, a book on making a garden that isn't reading itself and the psychologically chilling prospect of getting back into oil paints.

So what gives? What is your hurdle project? Something you fully intend on getting into once you have the time?