August 10, 2009

Finally caught the tail of a dream

Waiting in a line winding through an expansive room with low ceiling and huge pillars stood a petite woman. She would toddle around on high heeled sandals then teeter off out of the room and back again in a completely different outfit. One outfit would be breezy and young, the next would be modern and severe with a wig to match. She made different costume changes a few times, each time she would re-enter the room she would make a little scene, drop her purse or something, to make sure people noticed her. She made mental notes as to the reactions each type of outfit would get from the crowd in line: hushed concerned attention when she dressed demurely, eye-rolling and bothered when she dressed skimpily.

She finally left the room for good and descended the wide staircase into a cavernous space to some small tables on the outskirts of a cafe. There was a child at the table where she sat, poking at a half a plate of food. At the next table over was a very animated and talkative man, overly friendly and expressive. He would lean in and say something gestural, acting as if he was a boisterous acquaintance, and snatch a piece of food from the child's plate and eat it quickly like a rodent would. He was paying no attention to the woman at his table who seemed to be swaying in wide circles of sleep or drunkenness. She fell to the floor stiffly and the quick-change woman says to the man, "Its seems your girlfriend has had too much to drink." and the man looks surprised and says, "Oh? Oh yes, my girlfriend. My girlfriend! Well, you know how these things go." and it became apparent that he had merely sat there to steal off of that woman's plate as well.

Next to the cafe tables was a large wall of very tall windows (like in an airport) with a view of the edge of rough waters in a bay near a slanted sea cliff. there are large holes in the slope of the cliff and every so often a very large and ruffled owl would pop out of one, stand up discombobulated, and shake it's feathers out. Their feathers were so ruffled and dusty that they looked like mangy wolf's fur. The owls would then toddle off out of view, presumably to fly off the shore that was just out of view.