July 9, 2009

Kindling by James Jean

Pretty stoked I actually won something! I left a comment on the Chronicle Books blog about Comic Con and they are sending me "Kindling" by James Jean, which is coming out on August 12th.

From the Chronicle Books site:
"Kindling -- This collection of brand new work by James Jean showcases the larger-than-life power of his fine art painting. Bursting with unexpected beauty and hidden meaning, each of these 12 large-format prints features a lush painting on one side and a collection of intricate preliminary sketches on the other side. Housed in a sturdy keepsake portfolio, the pages, including an over-sized gatefold poster, can be left in place and leafed through time and again or removed from the portfolio and framed as eye-catching wall art."

Mr. Jean also has some of his designs on the Gap (RED) Artist Ts available now. The blue floral one is especially nice.