March 16, 2009

too many notes

Sometimes I get so many ideas and wonderful pursuits in my head I get overwhelmed and don't even start. Too many shiny and non-shiny distractions. Excuses. The day is too short or filled with too many things or, if the day is long, the mood doesn't suit. Then there is the fear. Fear that if I start it will turn out badly. Creativity crushing self doubt. Comparison spirit squashing. Over sensitive self examination.

So many things to keep one from creating. All the while the Big Clock ticks.

Originally uploaded by Ken Keirns / k2
Ken Keirns, Untitled, 2009
8x10 oil on board.
Vintage Frame

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the amazingly talented Ken Keirns and his ladyfriend, Vonne, this weekend at the opening of "He Said, She Said" at Distinction. They are two completely sweet and engaging people. We got talking about distractions and things that keep us from painting. It seems there is a never ending stream of debris that flows down that productivity river, constantly pushing you off course or catching and pulling you downstream. I think Ken and I have similar processes and internal dialogues when it comes to painting so it was refreshing to talk with him. It makes me wonder how many artists share that same outlook. I see blogs out there and interviews done where the artists seem so self assured, with the ability to work on self imposed schedule with a even flow of confidence. Is it really that way for them? How lucky if it's true.

(It helps to have a calm and supportive partner who can read your needs and ford that river with you and poke some of that debris away with a pointy stick.)