December 30, 2008


I have just looked at the shows I have lined up for this coming year and have decided I must take a deep breath and pretend I am a composed ballerina. Ballerinas, I would think, are good at dodging flying objects and probably also brilliant at improvising. I have never been into ballerinas but I did have a brief stint taking tap dancing classes when I was 6. There are some hecka embarrassing photos of me at this age with my bowl cut and giant mom glasses, wearing red tights and a black leotard, ball socks and shiny tap shoes standing in some silly position in the foyer of our home. Doofus grin. I carry the inherent ugly duckling dorkiness feeling with me to this day which is why my response to being told I am pretty is "you must be insane to think so". Tap will not help me weather this line up!

Anyways, here is what I will be working towards. I only hope my hands don't fall off.

February 2009:
–6 small pieces going to the Teeny Tiny Art Show IV at Three Graces in Portsmouth New Hampshire.
March 2009:
–I will have a piece in "The End" at the Alternative Cafe. Curated by Creep Machine. I will have my piece sharing wallspace with the talented likes of 8pussy, Alex Kuno, Chet Zar, Dan Harding, Dave Macdowell, Dean McDowell, Ego, Gene Guynn, Jacqueline Gallagher, Matt Dangler, Michael Ryan, Paul Chatem, R.M. Hanson, Tom Haubrick amongst others.
–I'm in a 3 person show with Rudy Fig, Juri Ueda at Rotofugi in Chicago. I am guessing a whole 35' of wall space will be mine to fill on this one.
May 2009:
2 custom Kokeshis for the Kokeshi show at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Impeccably curated by Christina Conway
June 2009:
– Solo in the Project Room at Thinkspace. Sarah Joncas will be showing in the front gallery for that show. Expect awesomeness.
July 2009:
Crazy 4 Cult 3D at Gallery 1988 in LA. ::cartoon eyeball bulge + jaw dropping to floor::
August 2009:
–2 person at Subtext in San Diego. Looking forward to their new digs across from the Casbah!
October 2009:
– Solo at Suite 100 in Seattle. They are also getting a new space next to Roq La Rue on 2nd ave.