December 2, 2008

1-up Glitter Mushrooms

1-up Glitter Mushrooms
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I had a hankerin' to do this project since I am all up in the glitter house project without a paddle. I mean, this place is already covered in glitter, mind as well keep going. I had originally intended to make them a village of toadstool houses (à la smurfs?) but they were a bit smaller than I liked so now...ornaments?


Covering the "caps"

I got a bag-o-styrofoam balls and cut them in half (that phrase makes dudes cringe) then cut some squares of tissue paper in red and pink. The squares were big enough to wrap around the top and gather under the "cap". I used liquid starch but watery white glue, modge podge or acrylic medium would work just as well.

Tissue and starch
Here they are covered with 2 squares of tissue paper. I then cut circles of white to put over the gathery stuff at the bottom (but it doesn't matter, since I ended up painting it)

Dots and dots...
Painting dots
Painted on some dots with the warm white. Some big dots and some small dots. I can never make anything exactly the same, nor do I want to.

See what I did here...
Bottoms painted
I painted the base of the cap with that same warm white. "Tapioca white" to be exact. Mmmm tapioca.

My second job...

Cardstock stems a hand model. Just kidding OMG. No, here I have cut some strips of card stock (cover stock is the same thing, right?) about an inch and a half wide and snipped as long a piece as would wrap around my finger with a little extra overlap to glue with SUPER TACKY QUICK DRY GLUE. Handy stuff, I can't talk it up enough.

And nearly done...
Stems glued on and painted
Glued those stems on and painted them white too, just because.

Finally...brushed the caps with white glue and sprinkled with clear glitter, dried and done! They ended up as seen in the top photo.