November 25, 2008

Things that didn't make sense to me today: Part 2

Things that didn't make sense to me today: Part 2
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Water-Stop Cement (just add water)

I am weary of home depot. We have owned our house for a couple weeks more than a year now and have made so many trips there that I have lost count.

We have:
ripped out an elephant sized wad of carpet
filled 4 dumpsters
put in a new oven
painted 5 rooms
tiled a bathroom
put old-style lino tiles in the laundry room
jackhammered a tile entry
put down cork plank flooring (almost done...)
put in new toilets
installed a couple of new faucets
tore out a rotten deck
got most of a new one finished
put in a new fence
banished bats
painted the floor upstairs
had the exterior painted
got a new slab of patio poured
done more little things here and there

It gets to the point when you have lived in something you are working on for a while that you just don't see the stuff that isn't finished. It's OK because I'm tired of home depot.