August 15, 2007

Nice blurb from SD Citybeat in their "Coolest of the Cool " section

San Diego CityBEAT: "ART: Peep this...If you're the kind of person who grew up longing to travel through the looking glass, into the wardrobe or over the rainbow, then you'll definitely dig Kelly Vivanco's solo art show, Dispatch from the Peppermint Forest. Expect to encounter slightly sinister birds and cats, dreamy landscapes and pink-cheeked girls in various stages of mystical adventure, all pictured in a timeless era that floats somewhere between once-upon-a-time and today. Pack an imaginary picnic basket and bring it to the opening reception at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17, at Subtext Gallery, 680 W. Beech St. in Little Italy. 619-876-0664 or "

And a little image of mine to jump to that section!